Opera di Bestia is an art project combining visual arts and electronic music,

formed by media artist Nikos Artemis.

Collaborators include Avis Donum Dei (artefacts, technical advisor)

and Kostis Kousoulos (audio treatment), with recurring contributions

by dancer/performer Pauline Huguet (Oval, Joy D, In Heaven, OdB Remix)

and musicians Nicoleta Chatzopoulou & Panos Tsekouras

(This is not a love song, OdB Remix).


fusion, zoomorphism, ambiguous/multi-layered narrative

OdB is grateful

to all those who inspired the monkey to fine-tune the barrel organ:

Alexis Akrithakis, Laurie Anderson, Aphex Twin, Basic Channel,

David Bowie, Lewis Carroll, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Marcel Duchamp,

Pierre Huyghes, Franz Kafka, Mike Kelley, Martin Kippenberger,

Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Vladimir Nabokov, Bruce Nauman,

Dennis Oppenheim, Thomas Pynchon, The Residents.

Contact: operadibestia@gmail.com